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Bedsores Are One Sign That A Nursing Home May Be Negligent

Bedsores are almost always a sure indication of neglect in a nursing home or care facility. This condition is often preventable, and staff and nurses should be taking proper care to protect patients, moving them frequently and providing comfort.

If your loved one has developed bedsores while in a nursing home or care facility, there are legal steps you can take to hold the facility responsible and prevent further neglect. At The Helms Law Firm, our attorneys are committed to fighting on behalf of nursing home patients and their families, recovering damages to ensure that such neglect does not take place in the future.

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We Know How To Detect And Prove Nursing Home Negligence

Due to injury, illness or fatigue, patients at nursing homes may lay in bed for extended periods of time. Patients who are unable to turn themselves must be turned once every few hours by nursing home staff to avoid an unnecessary buildup of pressure on their skin that may cause the formation of bedsores and pressure sores. In addition to properly turning patients, nursing home staff must ensure that patients are properly fed, hydrated and bathed to avoid an increased susceptibility to bedsores.

Bedsores typically start out as a redness or irritation of the skin. As they progress, bedsores may cause open holes in a patient’s skin, which may easily become infected. Bedsore infections may cause serious or fatal injuries.

While nursing homes are responsible to take adequate steps to prevent their patients from developing bedsores, they are equally responsible to timely treat bedsores and provide proper medical care for the safety of their patients.

We understand how to investigate nursing home negligence cases and hold these facilities responsible when negligence causes an injury.

Help For Victims Of Nursing Home Neglect

For more than 30 years, our attorneys have advocated on behalf of patients and their families, fighting to hold nursing homes responsible. We understand how nursing homes often deny responsibility and falsely blame age or illness as the cause of patient injuries. Our attorneys will gather critical evidence that will uncover evidence of negligence and help establish the full extent of their clients’ injuries.

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