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Fear of retaliation may prevent residents from reporting abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Nursing Home Neglect |

There’s a saying that goes, “No matter the job, do it well.” This is especially true for people who work in nursing homes. These individuals look after those who can’t fully care for themselves, like your loved one. Every aspect of their care should be handled with respect and diligence.

So what if they experience mistreatment but are too scared to say anything? This fear, known as fear of retaliation, is a serious issue that needs addressing.

Staff members may abuse their authority

In a nursing home, staff members have considerable authority over residents. They assist residents with meals, personal hygiene and medication administration. These responsibilities naturally create an unspoken hierarchy that can intimidate residents. This intimidation can escalate into fear when residents experience improper care or abuse.

For example, a resident who has experienced mistreatment might be scared to report it. They could worry that doing so might lead to even worse treatment. They might fear being ignored, spoken harshly to, or even denied essential care.

When there is fear of retaliation, residents may not report the mistreatment, which allows the cycle of abuse to continue.

How you can help your loved one

If your loved one shows signs of distress or expresses fear of retaliation, it’s crucial to act immediately. Start by reporting your concerns to the nursing home administration. The response you receive should be respectful and show a commitment to resolving the issue. They should take your concerns seriously and promptly start an investigation.

However, if they don’t address the issue properly, you can escalate your complaint to your local or state health departments. A legal professional can be beneficial in this situation. They can guide you through reporting to the proper agencies and protect your loved one’s rights in the process.

Never forget that your loved one deserves good care. Any form of mistreatment is not ok, and fear of retaliation should never stop anyone from reporting such incidents.