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How nursing home staff burnout can lead to neglect

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Nursing Home Neglect |

When we entrust our family members to the care of a nursing facility, we expect them to receive a high level of care, which greatly includes quality treatment by nursing home staff.

Unfortunately, many nursing homes provide care that falls below acceptable standards due to several reasons, one of which is staff burnout. Consequently, it leads to the neglect of the nursing home residents, resulting in injuries.

The usual cause of staff burnout

Nursing homes with insufficient staffing can lead to staff exhaustion since the existing staff likely covers more residents than is ideal to provide proper care. This can lead to longer hours, increased responsibilities and less time for each resident.

Connecting staff exhaustion to nursing home neglect

Continuous work under such conditions can lead to physical, emotional and mental burnout. Accordingly, burnout can reduce a caregiver’s ability to provide attentive and compassionate care.

Moreover, exhausted staff are more prone to making mistakes, forgetting critical tasks and failing to notice changes in a resident’s condition. This can lead to medical errors, missed medication doses or delayed treatment.

Overall, staff burnout affects the quality of care they provide, the consequences of which the residents suffer from. This neglect manifests in residents in forms of physical injuries, such as bed sores and broken bones from falls, and emotional injuries, such as depression and anxiety.

Keeping your loved one protected

Addressing staff burnout in nursing homes is crucial for safeguarding vulnerable residents. If you suspect your loved one to be suffering from neglect due to their facility’s staff exhaustion, consider consulting a nursing home abuse lawyer to explore your options and protect your loved one’s rights and well-being.