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4 kinds of warehouse injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

While many warehouse employees receive good pay, it frequently falls short of covering the risks associated with the job. Employees may sustain injuries while on the job that prevents them from working.

What kinds of risks may warehouse workers encounter while at work? Here are some of the biggest dangers:

1. Forklift injuries

In a warehouse, forklift accidents can be the most dangerous accidents. Forklifts must be operated appropriately and safely, just like other motor vehicles. Forklift operation requires knowledge, skill, and experience. Unsupervised and unskilled forklift operators face the danger of injuring themselves or other workers.

Most dangerous are the prongs on forklifts used for lifting crates. These prongs are perfect for lifting boxes that are close to the ground because of their sharpness. However, these prongs may also be deadly objects that penetrate employees in an accident.

2. Slips and falls

Accidents involving a slip and fall can occur anywhere. There are many dirty warehouses that have slippery surfaces, water or oils on the floors. There could also be cables or trash, which are frequent causes of tripping. Head and spine injuries from slips and falls are rather common.

3. Overexertion

Warehouse workers often have to lift heavy objects by hand. Workers may be overworking themselves without the proper lifting training, which might result in torn muscles or fractured bones. 

4. Chemicals

Chemicals are frequently stored in boxes kept at warehouses. These boxes need to be marked in some way indicating the chemicals inside are dangerous. Chemicals may seep out of a shattered or punctured box. Workers who are exposed to these substances through their skin or lungs run the risk of developing illnesses and impairments.

If you have been hurt and are unable to work, you may need to find out what legal choices you have while applying for workers’ compensation.