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5 tips for taking photos of an accident scene

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can change your life significantly. Thus, it will help to file a claim to recover damages. However, you need to make the right moves after the accident to strengthen your claim. This includes gathering evidence by taking photos.

Here are five tips for taking photos of an accident scene:

The entire scene

You should take photos of the whole scene, including both vehicles, the area and surrounding objects, from different angles. Also, have both cars in single photos.

Don’t worry about witnesses or police officers being in the background. They may not have been present during the accident, but this won’t affect your overall evidence. Ensure that the road is safe before moving around.

Close-up photos

Besides capturing the scene’s overview, you need to take close-up photos of your vehicle’s dents, broken glass, damaged parts, deployed airbags and so on. Taking pictures of the interior may also come in handy.

Property damage

If property, such as your personal belongings or that of a passenger (s), and external ones like guardrails, sidewalks, trees or stress signs, were damaged, you should also take photos of them. 


When you go to exchange personal and insurance information with the other driver, request to take photos of their driver’s license and license plate. This way, you can provide your copy of this information should the police report have a mistake.


If you or any other involved party suffered injuries, you should take photos of them. If you can’t, ask someone around to help you capture your injuries and the areas discussed above.

You can take photos of an accident scene with any camera. Then, learn more about your case to receive fair compensation.