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4 ways to prevent auto accidents in the fall

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

For the last several months, the streets have been steadily clear of any obstacles, besides the occasional road work or car accident. The weather’s changing and that means the roads are getting a lot harder to drive on.

If you’re planning on driving during the fall, you may need a quick refresher on road safety to avoid getting into a vehicle collision. Here’s what you should know:

1. Watch out for wet leaves

As leaves begin to fall, many piles of wet leaves can cause driving hazards. Leaves may obscure hazard lines and pavement markings, causing people unfamiliar with the area to drive recklessly. Some wet leaves may be just as slick as ice, making it harder for your car to keep traction. 

2. Keep an eye out for hidden potholes

Construction season is almost over and many road hazards are still left behind, unfixed and a potential issue for drivers. During the fall, many potholes can fill with leaves or rainwater. Drivers that can’t see larger potholes may unsuspectingly drive into them, causing damage to their wheels and leading to an accident, as a result.

3. Steady your speed around animals

Many wild animals get confused about where a forest ends and a road starts when fall starts. An animal on the edge of a forest can easily get startled. Some wild animals may wander into the street, causing them to impulsively run in front of vehicles and injure drivers.

Just one small slip or mishap could cause serious damage to your car and injure you and your passengers. You may need to reach out for legal help when recovering from your medical injuries and losses.