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4 ways workers’ comp investigators may be watching you

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Employers and insurance companies always seem to be convinced that an injured worker is somehow “milking the system,” despite whatever medical evidence they’ve been given. Curiously enough, the bigger a worker’s potential claim, the more convinced an insurer may be that the worker is faking their injuries.

With that in mind, it’s always safest to assume that the insurance company is using some kind of investigator to see what you’re doing.

How do investigators get their information?

Every investigator has their favorite starting points, but here are the four basic ways they operate:

  1. Digital investigations: This is probably the starting place, today, for most investigations simply because of how much people are comfortable posting about themselves online. Your social media activity will be scrutinized to see if there’s any hint that you’re out there doing activities that seem to violate your medical restrictions.
  2. Physical investigations: This involves an investigator just blending in with their surroundings and following you around to watch what you’re doing or going through your trash for anything they find useful.
  3. Technical surveillance: This is often combined with a physical investigation and involves things like taking photos of you as you go about your day or videotaping you when you’re out in public.
  4. Interview surveillance: This can involve talking to your co-workers, neighbors, family members or friends to try to find data that can be used against you and cast doubt on your claim.

Eventually, a workers’ comp investigator may get bold enough to try to talk to you. If that happens, remember that you don’t have to answer their questions.

When your workers’ compensation claim is in question and things are heating up, experienced legal guidance can help you find a successful outcome.