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Will your on-the-job mistake affect your workers’ comp claim?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

When you get hurt at work, it likely isn’t a true accident. The word “accident” implies a situation out of everyone’s control. If there was a freak weather incident that led to you getting hurt, then perhaps the situation was truly an accident. 

However, it is frequently true that worker mistakes contribute to situations that lead to injuries. You probably would feel confident about pursuing workers’ compensation benefits if a coworker made a mistake that left you hurt. 

If it was your mistake that caused your injury, however, will you be unable to seek workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia? 

You have no-fault protections under state law

When your employer purchases workers’ compensation insurance, they protect themselves from liability in all but the most extreme of situations. You qualify for benefits even if there is no evidence that your employer contributed to your injury in any way. Similarly, there is no obligation for you to prove that you are without blame for your injury. No-fault coverage protects you even if you made a mistake on the job. 

People make mistakes at work all the time, and a slip of the hand or a timing oversight will not prevent you from getting benefits. Only in rare cases where an employer can show you tried to hurt yourself on purpose or that you came to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol and caused your injury as a result would your benefits be at me and otherwise, your unintentional contributions to your own injury will not affect your right to benefits. 

When you get hurt, you can seek both medical coverage and disability benefits until you can fully return to work. Learning more about the workers’ compensation program in Georgia will help you bounce back after an injury on the job.