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Using your phone to document the scene of a crash

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Another driver sped through a four-way stop without even slowing down and smashed directly into you or swerved into the side of you in heavy traffic when you had no way to avoid them. Immediately after your vehicle comes to a stop, you will be aware of how you have affected the flow of traffic.

Moving your vehicle off to allow traffic to pass you is a good decision and often necessary after a car crash. However, it can also compromise the accuracy of the police investigation into who caused the collision.

You cannot gamble your financial future on the honesty of the other person involved in the crash. You can protect yourself by documenting the scene of the crash before you move your vehicle anymore, even if it means delaying traffic for a few minutes.

Just one picture won’t be enough

Don’t let the pressure of oncoming traffic deter you from accurately capturing the scene of the crash. Obviously, your safety and the safety of others should be your first priority. If you can safely exit your vehicle and walk around your vehicle, doing so with your phone in video camera mode can be very useful.

You can show every angle of the crash, which can reduce the likelihood of an awkward photograph misrepresenting the circumstances. If you have to choose between video and still photographs, video is usually a better option, as you can freeze the video and capture multiple photographs from even a short video.

Getting a wide enough angle to show the perspective of where the vehicles sit in relation to the road and one another, as well as images of the damage to the vehicles and any surrounding infrastructure, can go a long way toward accurately capturing the collision. The scene of the crash can play an important role later, as those photographs could help with a crash recreation that conclusively shows who was to blame for the wreck.

Look for other sources of evidence

It is common for people to stop after a crash and then drive off within minutes. Your phone can also help you collect the contact information of other witnesses nearby at the time of the crash whose testimony might eventually help you prove false in your case.

The more evidence you have about the scene of the crash and who is to blame, the easier it will be for you to file an insurance claim and to possibly take legal action against a driver whose negligence or criminal activity resulted in property damage or injuries for you. Knowing the right steps to take right after a car crash can protect you legally and financially.