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Watching for truck driver fatigue

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You might be surprised to find that there are only slight differences between tipsy driving and drowsy driving. Fatigue behind the wheel is dangerous. The same prospect when driving an 18-wheeler has the potential for greater damage. Motor vehicle accidents in Georgia can often be avoided when all of those on the road are well-rested. Drivers who lack good rest might be able to operate a car over short distances. Expanding such a trip by six hours could be deadly.

Career driving: the conflict of interest

Truck drivers are often put into a situation where driving without rest seems advantageous at first. The hours they put in are the hours they get paid for, and any deadlines they have are serious matters. These drivers, however, are taught that nothing in their work should outweigh the safety of themselves or others. Motor vehicle accidents that come about due to a truck drivers’ conflict of interest aren’t justified by law. The driver will be liable for their road neglect.

Unusual causes of fatigue

A lack of sleep is the easiest diagnosis to give when fatigue sets in. Fatigue, however, could be caused by factors that require serious investigation. Some of those likely causes to find include:

  • Medications: Professional drivers must understand the limits they have. The medications they use to instruct them on what they can or can’t operate.
  • Unwarranted shifts: At times, drivers are pressured to work beyond what’s legally recommended. These drivers are still responsible for their actions.
  • Illnesses: Whether known or not, a sudden illness can strike a driver with confusion and disarray. These symptoms lead to fatigue if they continue without remedy.
  • Substance abuse: Alcohol intoxication doesn’t only make drivers lose control of themselves. This substance makes them drowsy and their heads heavy.

Motor vehicle accidents in Georgia

Whether in a truck or personal car, fatigue can alter your judgment, vision and timing. The consequences of losing competency is death or jail time. Mistakes do happen, but professional drivers are educated about these risks. They must prepare for their trips, and for this reason, they must get adequate rest.