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The first step to take when you suspect medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Realizing that your doctor may have made a serious mistake is often a shock. You probably trust your doctor implicitly and expect that they will only ever act in your best interests. If they do make a mistake — even an unintentional one caused by distraction or exhaustion — you will be the one to pay the price. 

Discovering signs that your care has suffered because your doctor has made (and has not yet corrected) a mistake can make you doubt yourself or worry about your health. While they may not have actively wanted to hurt you, your doctor may have made a negligent mistake that affected your help.

What should you do if you suspect some form of medical malpractice, like a diagnostic mistake or providing the wrong treatment for your condition? 

Get your medical records for a second opinion

Perhaps the most important step you can take when you think a doctor has made a mistake will involve getting a copy of your medical records. Federal law entitles you to access your medical records upon demand. You may have to pay for the actual, printed copy in some cases.  

Once you have your record, you can then review it yourself for discrepancies between the record and what actually happened. That information and your record can help you seek a second opinion with an unaffiliated medical professional. 

If another doctor agrees that the doctor overseeing your care deviated from what most professionals would consider the standard or appropriate response, the doctor providing your care may have committed an act of malpractice. Advocating for yourself when you suspect medical malpractice can help you get better care and fair compensation for the harm you have suffered.