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Texting while driving can be dangerous

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Residents of Homerville and other nearby areas of Georgia may want to learn more the fact that auto accidents from texting are continuing to increase. In spite of the addition of lane assist, cameras and better airbags and seat belts, there are several reasons for the increase of accidents.

More vehicles on the road

With the addition of more trucks, SUVs and pickups on the road, car accidents and deaths have risen. These vehicles are heavier in weight and are more likely to cause fatalities when they are in a crash with a smaller vehicle.

More drivers using cellphones

Distracted driving is a huge cause of motor vehicle accidents. Auto accidents from texting while driving have not seen a decrease even though many states are passing laws to prohibit this type of cellphone use. These laws are not as effective as originally intended if people are still practicing this bad behavior.

Negligent driver claims

A person has the right to pursue a claim from an accident with a negligent driver. They may endure suffering and pain due to the accident and the injuries sustained. Non-economic damages is the name for pain and suffering due to an accident that may not have produced physical injuries. The following are some examples of the results of a motor vehicle accident:

• Mental anguish
• Physical suffering and pain
• Shock and fright
• Loss of enjoyments and social pleasures
• Embarrassment, mortification and humiliation

Proof of texting

Some drivers may deny that they were on their phones texting when an accident occurred. However, a review of cellphone records by their provider could prove that they were on the phone or texting or receiving a text at the time of the crash. Lawyers may also take a deposition of the person on the other end of the call in proving a distraction.

Financial loss, as well as physical injury, may be the result of a motor vehicle accident with a driver who is texting. This dangerous action may be the cause of many problems for another driver, both mental and physical, for which the victim deserves compensation.