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Protect yourself from rear-end collisions in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

All car accidents have the potential to cause injury, but the ones that you don’t see coming are often the worst. The numbers relating to rear-end collisions are simply staggering, with nearly 2 million of this type of accident occurring each year.

These statistics mean that rear-end collisions warrant further consideration. Taking a closer look could just assist with accident prevention.

What do these accidents look like?

Essentially, a rear-end collision involves a vehicle impacting another vehicle that is directly in front of them. At high speeds, such impacts can be deadly. Importantly, the majority of these accidents happen at lower speeds, but they still have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries.

The causes of rear-end collisions vary. A dangerous form of driving known as tailgating often contributes to this type of accident. Additionally, when a road user becomes distracted or is driving over the speed limit, the risk of impact greatly increases.

Are rear-end collisions serious?

Rear-end collisions account for over 1700 fatalities every year in the U.S. Additionally, crashes of this nature result in nearly 1 million people sustaining injuries. Neck injuries, such as whiplash are commonly associated with impacts that come from behind. At higher speeds, injuries sustained to the neck can be even more severe.

An impact of this type can also result in the head violently shaking or clashing with part of the car. Under such circumstances, severe head trauma can occur. All forms of head trauma are a medical emergency and Traumatic Brain injuries are a distinct possibility after a rear-end collision.

Your safety on the roads in Georgia is of the utmost importance. In the unfortunate event that you have been caught up in a car accident, remember to explore your legal rights.