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What happens after a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A truck accident might be the one collision many drivers fear the most. An oversized tractor-trailer could cause a massive amount of damage when it crashes into another vehicle, especially a smaller car. Pedestrians and motorcyclists might suffer injuries from a truck accident as well. After the accident, victims might seek compensation in Georgia civil court. The process may take some time to resolve, depending on the situation.

Dealing with the aftermath of a truck crash

Since a large truck could inflict massive harm in an accident, the resulting lawsuit might become more complicated than a minor “fender-bender.” While whiplash is a serious injury, it is far less severe than a broken back or spinal cord damage. A larger truck could inflict devastating injuries on a smaller vehicle and its occupants. Sadly, these crashes may lead to people losing their lives.

Truck accidents may involve multicar pile-ups, a series of collisions that potentially leaves many parties hurt. Several victims might now opt to take legal action to recover their losses. Someone whose car gets totaled will likely want compensation. A person left with significant medical bills and time lost at work may feel the same.

Complex legal proceedings may follow

Severe injuries might leave victims in a financially challenging position, so they might not feel inclined to settle quickly. Whether dealing with an insurance company or going to court, a plaintiff might find complicated personal injury claims could take time to resolve.

Truck accidents involving more than one defendant could take time to resolve. With truck crashes, the driver, an employer, mechanics, and other drivers might be all liable for the crash somehow. Expect a personal injury suit with multiple claims to take time to resolve.

With compelling evidence, it might be difficult for a defendant to fight a lawsuit. Although things may take time, the result could be beneficial to the plaintiff.