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What kinds of disability benefits does workers’ comp offer?

| Sep 2, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Some individuals who suffer injuries on the job recover from it after a few days. Others have an injury that is so severe that it affects their ability to work for a couple of weeks. You may qualify for disability benefits in such a situation. Thankfully, Georgia workers’ compensation insurance may reimburse you for up to two-thirds of your weekly average wage while off of work because of an injury.

The extent of your injury and how long it affects your job performance will determine the kind of workers’ compensation benefits that you’re eligible to receive. What are the various options available?

Temporary total disability

This type of disability benefit can replace some of your wages if you’re temporarily unable to work at all as you await surgery or recover from it. You’re generally eligible for temporary total disability benefits after you’ve missed at least seven days of work.

Temporary partial disability

If you can work a different job during your recovery but will not earn the same pay, partial disability benefits may allow you to receive up to at least two-thirds of your average weekly wage. You may be able to recover such benefits if you find that you have to work a different job during your recovery, and you won’t earn the same pay as you did in your previous position. 

Permanent partial disability

Your receipt of permanent partial disability may be able to help you replace at least some of the wages you aren’t if doctors have determined that you will forever have limitations on the work that you can perform. 

Permanent total disability

Those who can never return to any kind of gainful employment because of their work-acquired medical condition may qualify for permanent total disability benefits.

It is also worth noting that surviving family members of someone who dies on the job can claim similar benefits to the disability payments that their loved ones would have received had they survived. Learning more about workers’ compensation can help you support yourself after an injury.