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6 indications of nursing home neglect

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Nursing Home Neglect |

In times past, families would care for their elderly relatives in their own homes. It is difficult in today’s fast-paced world to provide adequate full-time care for older loved ones. For this reason and more, many families choose a nursing home for their loved ones.

Nursing homes are supposed to provide qualified and professional care for the elderly. However, elder abuse can and does happen, even in a professional environment such as a nursing home. 

6 signs that could indicate a nursing home isn’t doing its job

Although unthinkable to those that love older friends and relatives, elder abuse and neglect are quite common. It is important to recognize the following signs of problems to protect the rights of the elderly:

  • Bedsores: An elderly that is battling bedsores can be an indication that they are not being tended to properly by being repositioned or moved.
  • Unkempt appearances: If an elderly person appears dirty, underfed or dehydrated it could be a sign of abuse.
  • Unexplained injuries: If an elderly person mysteriously and frequently has burns, bruises or scars it could be an indication that they are being abused.
  • Intentional isolation: When a nursing home tries to prevent family and friends from seeing or visiting an elderly person it could be that there is something to hide, such as abuse.
  • Changes in mental status: If an elderly person becomes inexplicably depressed, withdrawn or confused it could be a symptom of abuse.

The elderly are not always able to speak up for themselves when suffering abuse. For this reason, their loved ones must be educated on the signs that abuse may be present. 

If one finds out that their elderly relative is being abused in a nursing home, it can be helpful to have professional guidance that is experienced in nursing home injuries to ensure that elderly rights are protected.