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Overview of nursing home resident rights in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Nursing Home Neglect |

The law protects the rights of all seniors living in nursing homes in Georgia. However, unfortunately, you may still find institutions that abuse or take advantage of the elderly persons that reside there. On that account, you should be aware of the rights of elderly persons to ensure that your loved one (or yourself, for that matter) gets the best care they deserve at all times.

Forms of nursing home abuse and neglect

Nursing home neglect and abuse can come in various forms, such as:
1. Failing to monitor the elderly person – Residents of nursing homes can injure themselves or even get lost when they are not watched and protected at all times.
2. Medication errors – There are situations where an elderly person is given the wrong dosage, or the prescribed medication is poorly handled or administered.
3. Financial abuse – When your loved one is not getting all the services you have paid, the nursing institution is financially abusing them.
4. Emotional abuse – Verbal and non-verbal that make the residents uncomfortable in the nursing homes.
5. Physical abuse – Unfortunately, some nursing staff can get physical with elderly persons by either punching, slapping, or kicking them.

Rights of nursing home residents in Georgia

• Right to proper care regardless of race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, and disability.
• Right to make their own independent choices about their finances, activities, medical care, and personal life.
• Residents of nursing homes have the right not to be exploited, abused, or neglected.
• They have the right to accept or reject visitors and to take a leave of absence to visit their loved ones.
• The seniors have the right to participate in their own care plan, including being involved in decisions about their care and treatment.
• Right to privacy for their personal needs, environment and affairs.
• Also, they have the right to seek justice without fear of being punished, harassed, or retaliated upon by the nursing home.

Getting legal help

If you suspect that a nursing home has violated any of your loved one’s rights by abusing or neglecting them, you might benefit from seeking legal assistance from an attorney. Elderly people in Georgia deserve the best care, and the law can help you make sure of that.