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What does workers’ compensation cover?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

If you get hurt on the job, your first goal is just to get proper medical care. Nothing is more important than your health. After that, however, you may start thinking about the bottom line.

What is workers’ compensation going to cover? Understanding as much as you can about the workers’ comp process can help you during this troubled time. 

Workers in Georgia have many options

The good news is that workers’ comp can cover quite a lot in Georgia, depending on the specifics of your case. It should provide:

  • Medical bill coverage for as long as 400 weeks
  • Wage compensation
  • Temporary or permanent disability benefits
  • Death benefits to your dependents if you pass away

Now, that does not necessarily mean that the benefits will be exactly equal to your pay. For instance, both permanent disability benefits and death benefits only pay out two-thirds of what you earned, on average, before the incident. This can certainly help, but some people are surprised to find that they do not get their full wages. It’s important to know what to expect when you file, both to ensure that what you get is fair and so that you know what financial challenges you still may face. 

In terms of medical bills, proper documentation is most important. You need to be able to show exactly what the medical care cost, how your injuries were directly related to the accident at work and why that means you deserve coverage for those costs. 

Exploring your options and the legal process

Because this is so important for your health and your family’s financial well-being, it’s critical that you know what options you have after a workplace accident. Working with an experienced firm can help you seek proper compensation for your workplace injuries.