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A dangerous game: How toys pose a safety risk for children

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Data compiled by the Kentucky-based Norton Children’s Hospital suggests that as many as 250,000 children end up in emergency rooms after being injured by dangerous toys. That same data captures how at least 33% of the victims are five or younger.

You can take steps to reduce the chances that your child could end up part of those statistics, however.

What can you do to minimize your child’s injury risk?

There are three important steps to take when buying toys:

  1. You should pay close attention to the product packaging. It may include details about its manufacturing, including small parts that may pose a choking risk or the materials used in its construction. The toy’s packaging may also spell out what age limits, so you keep toys that are too advanced out of your child’s hands.
  2. Inspect the toy for loose parts once it’s out of the packaging. Cords, buttons, magnets and batteries can pose both choking and strangling dangers. If the toy has any loose parts or the child can easily access the batteries, that’s a huge problem. Cords should probably be removed from most toys, especially if young children are involved.
  3. Use the right safety gear. It should go without saying that you must purchase a helmet for your child to wear anytime you get them a scooter, bicycle or skateboard to ride. U.S. Department of Transportation approved ones are most apt to provide the necessary protection to keep your child from suffering life-altering head or brain injuries.

It’s also wise to buy toys from reputable manufacturers that you trust. Skip no-name companies where the toys may have been manufactured overseas under loose safety regulations.

What you can do if a toy seriously injured your child

Many parents assume that a manufacturer wouldn’t introduce a toy to the market if it weren’t safe for children. That’s not the case, though. 

Manufacturers, marketers and distributors end up recalling countless unsafe items, including toys from the market each year after a child gets hurt while playing with it. A personal injury attorney in Homerville can help you hold a negligent party accountable if what they introduced on the market hurt you or someone you love.