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Is income a factor in Georgia nursing home injuries and abuse?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Merely thinking about the abuse of elders in Georgia nursing homes is enough to make most people feel uncomfortable. Some elders are as fragile as newborns, meaning they are vulnerable and often cannot defend themselves. As you know, abuse can result in nursing home injuries, many of them severe.

Professionals from many disciplines (science, behavior, sociology, etc.) have dedicated years to determining why elder abuse occurs and how to correct the problem. Remarkably, it appears that such abuse may occur more in impoverished or low-income communities. Although not all nursing home injuries happen because of abuse, families in low-income regions should remain aware of this possibility.

What does the government say about poverty and abuse?

Some federal agencies report that financial problems might contribute to the abuse of elders. Why would low-income result in abuse? A definitive answer to the question of why remains out-of-reach. However, it appears that the financial stressors present in low-income regions may trigger abuse in some cases.

What can you do to protect your elder?

First, take measures to preserve your loved one’s health and safety. Ask questions of the care providers and the administrative staff. Let them know you are determined to uncover the truth. In many cases, your investigative efforts may prompt administrators to begin an official investigation, which could reveal the source of your elder’s suffering.

Can legal action resolve the situation?

Elder abuse and neglect are crimes. Regardless of your income level, you have the right to bring the responsible parties to justice. Compensation from a successful claim means you can find a new home where the staff prioritizes resident safety and wellbeing. As an extra benefit, your actions in the face of elder abuse can save others in your community from suffering a similar fate.