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A car wreck can happen to anyone (even you)

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It’s easy to feel nearly invincible when you drive. As a young person, you likely really did feel invincible. As you got older, that feeling changed. You recognized that you were vulnerable. But you probably still feel like car accidents are just things that happen to other people. 

It’s a common mindset. We know about all sorts of negative events that happen every day. We know they exist. But we think they’ll never happen to us. They’re someone else’s problem. 

Unavoidable crashes

In the context of car accidents, it’s all too easy to assume that only poor drivers crash or that people just aren’t good enough drivers to avoid such accidents — but you are. You don’t think a serious crash will happen to you, no matter how many stories you see in the news. 

But the truth is that many of the people who get involved in these accidents felt the same way that you did before they crashed. You just can’t avoid all accidents. When someone rear-ends your car at a red light or crosses the median and drives into the oncoming traffic lanes, you may have no warning. There may be nowhere you can go. Everything may happen in just a split second, so you barely even understand that a crash is unfolding until you’re picking up the pieces. 

Your real options

By acknowledging that accidents can happen to anyone and that other drivers cause these crashes, you understand the real risk you face. This allows you to learn ways to minimize the risks. If you’re in a crash with a negligent driver, seek compensation if you get injured.