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Sleepiness: It’s a plague in America

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You’ve probably seen a driver who isn’t driving in their lane. You’ve seen people weave or go out of their lanes, even temporarily, and questioned if they were safe to drive.

That’s not surprising, because drowsiness is a real problem in America. The average American feels tired around three days a week, according to the National Sleep Foundation. These people are constantly tired, either due to a lack of rest or other causes.

Did you know that stress makes sleepiness worse?

Stress weighs heavily on your body. It’s not just mental, though. The more stressed people get, the more likely they are to be tired and to need more rest. It is both mentally and physically exhausting to be stressed out, so getting some more sleep when you’re upset and stressed is beneficial.

When you consider that people may not be getting enough sleep and that stress can make them even more tired than before, it makes sense that there are so many drowsy driving crashes happening on the roads. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to counter sleepiness and drowsiness if you have to drive.

How can you get better rest and feel more alert?

  • Get enough sleep to start with
    • Getting around seven hours of sleep is essential if you want to feel well-rested. More is better, when you can get it.
  • Exercise more
    • When you exercise, your body naturally becomes more energetic over time. One study even showed that 20 minutes of low-impact exercise just three times a week for six weeks resulted in a 65% lower rate of fatigue in participants.
  • Eat the right foods
    • Finally, eat better food. While caffeine can give you a temporary boost and sugars will give you quick energy, healthier meals, like those with fruits and vegetables, will sustain your energy levels better over time.

Sleepiness and drowsiness is a danger on the roads, but by following these tips and getting more rest, you and others can be safer when you drive. You can help reduce the risk of crashes and injuries due to drowsy driving.