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Protecting your insurance rights after a Georgia personal injury

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Personal Injury |

What do you think a victim’s first thought is after suffering an injury? Many believe that all a victim can think about is filing an injury lawsuit targeting those responsible. It might surprise you to learn that most injured victims in Georgia simply want what they are entitled to receive: the maximum amount of compensation promised by the involved insurance carriers.

While victims should never automatically rule out a personal injury lawsuit, often the benefits offered by insurers can meet all the needs of the injured. Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not like to part with their money, which means that they may try to deny you the benefits you deserve.

While it is critical to cooperate with your claims adjuster following an accident, there are several things you could say or do that might harm your case. Our injury attorneys want you to know what not to do when you are dealing with insurance companies.

  • Never give a written or recorded statement without a full understanding of the policy.
  • Never sign a waiver or a release without experienced legal guidance.
  • Never accept a payout marked as “final payment” unless you agree and are ready to end your claim.
  • Never accept a damages appraisal or estimate provided by an insurance company without making sure the estimate is fair.
  • Never talk about your claim or your injury on social media channels.

For many in the Homerville, Georgia, region, working with a lawyer ensures that they make no mistakes when dealing with insurers. An added benefit of attorney guidance is that it gives victims a chance to explore other compensation options, including a personal injury lawsuit targeting the individual responsible for your harm. Please, continue reviewing our firm’s website and legal blog for more on these topics.