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Foresight may help to prevent accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

Drivers in Georgia and throughout the country face a variety of distractions while operating their vehicles. As a general rule, anything that takes a person’s focus off of the road is considered a distraction. Therefore, even simple actions such as changing a radio station or changing the temperature setting could be distracting. Actions such as eating or talking on a phone can distract drivers in multiple ways, and this can significantly increase the chances of an accident.

If a truck is traveling at 67 miles per hour, it will cover the distance of a football field in roughly three seconds. This means that road conditions can change drastically in the amount of time it takes to unwrap a sandwich or dial a phone number. Ideally, truck drivers will take steps to reduce or eliminate distractions before they start moving. For example, it can be a good idea to unwrap a sandwich in a parking lot or make a phone call before leaving a rest area.

Those who need directions to their next destination should also consider programming their devices while their vehicles aren’t moving. While drivers cannot eliminate every distraction that they could face, being prepared may minimize their chances of hurting or killing someone in a traffic accident. Carriers are encouraged to create a culture that encourages drivers to make safety their top priority.

Individuals who are hurt in truck accidents may wish to pursue legal action against the person who caused the crash. In some cases, a truck driver’s employer might be liable for damages as well. This may be true if an employer hired a driver who had a history of negligent driving. An attorney may help a victim establish that an individual was impaired, distracted or otherwise driving in a negligent manner.