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Nursing homes are not always well regulated

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2020 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Many Georgia families put a lot of faith in the personal care homes that look after their loved ones. While the law demands it, assisted living facilities do not always live up to their obligations to provide the proper level of care, and the elderly residents end up suffering as a result.

One family entrusted their loved one to a small eldercare facility that claimed to specialize in memory care. When they arrived to visit their loved one, they found her covered in excrement and dazed. They soon discovered that the nursing home was drugging their relative without their consent. This is against the law. The resident also endured physical abuse before dying a month later.

The family is suing this nursing home in a wrongful death action. Many nursing homes do not provide adequate care, and in some situations, their conduct can border on criminal. States are supposed to regulate nursing homes and detect this behavior. They are then supposed to take disciplinary action against inadequate facilities in the form of fines. However, many states are lax in this area and assisted living facilities get away with misconduct. This leads to situations where loved ones are abused and neglected.

An elder law attorney could help a family that wants to take legal action against a nursing home. Legal counsel may start by investigating the facility and determining if the plaintiffs have a valid case. If legal action is necessary, the lawyer may be able to help the family file a lawsuit against the nursing home so that they can receive financial compensation.