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Georgia nursing homes rank 47th for care quality

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Nursing Home Neglect |

When you put your parent into a nursing home, you expect them to be cared for like a family member. Most of the time, this is precisely what happens, but injuries to your loved one can still occur.

With over 1.4 million Americans already living in nursing homes, it is impossible to prevent every injury. Common injuries can still occur no matter how cautious your loved one or the nursing home staff is. Many states have areas where they can improve, including Georgia, which ranks as the 47th state in terms of nursing home care quality.

Facial injuries are most common among elders

About 20,000 elders experienced severe facial injuries last year while living in nursing homes. Elders sustained most of these facial injuries from falling while walking or getting out of bed. Nursing home staff members often overlook facial injuries. This is likely due to the prevalence of falls in nursing homes.

How Georgia’s response time affects nursing home injuries

If you need to file a complaint on a nursing home, you may expect a quick response and investigation into the matter. In Georgia, this is not the case currently. The state took 15 days on average to send investigators to assess the nursing home in question. The only state to have a longer average response time was Tennessee.

This prolonged wait time can place your loved one in danger. It is crucial to follow up with the state investigators after you have filed a complaint.

If you have noticed unusual or repeated injuries happening to your loved one, you might have a nursing home abuse claim. Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about your options. Your attorney can evaluate your claim based on the evidence you have.