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Insurance companies don’t make money by giving it to you

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2019 | Personal Injury |

You expected the recovery after your accident to be the hardest part, but getting your due from the insurer can prove even harder.

The number of patients who can’t fully pay off medical balances is expected to reach 95% by 2020. It may be on your insurance company to keep you out of this statistic. Unfortunately, you may have to put up with some unsavory tactics to get the pay you deserve

Pushing the limits

Be on the lookout for maneuvers that insurance companies might use to provide you less than your claim warrants:

  • Negotiation: Even if the person you’re dealing with seems to have your best interest at heart, they’re likely more concerned with their bottom line. They generally ask you a lot of questions, looking for holes in your story and reasons you don’t merit payment.
  • Low-balling: Insurance companies that do pay probably aren’t happy about it. This can lead to a meager first offer. This can get your claim off their books quickly, for less money. It could seem tempting if you’re in dire need of money, but be aware there could be more where that offer came from.
  • Avoidance: They can use several tactics to avoid paying. Extended negotiations, slow responses and outright silence could mean they’re waiting for application windows to close, so you’re no longer entitled to compensation.

Knowing how insurance companies protect their profits can go a long way to getting the help you need. Don’t let them come up short, causing you to bear the load of your medical bills.