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Evidence of nursing home neglect

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2019 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Your family means everything to you, and it takes a lot of trust to allow a care facility to look after them. You thought you found a nice place down near Valdosta, but if you suspect something is wrong, it can be hard to know what exactly counts as neglect.

You should be able to expect a skilled nursing facility to maintain or enhance the quality of life of each resident. This means attending nurses, specialists and other employees must do their part to ensure an acceptable level of care. To make sure they’re living up to the high standard you should expect, look for signs in your loved one that could mean neglect.

Identifying neglect

While abuse can be deliberate, negligence doesn’t hinge on intent. If your care facility can’t provide services to keep your family member from harm or pain, or doesn’t react to potentially dangerous situations appropriately, a court could classify that as negligence. There are many ways you can be on the lookout for evidence:

  • Physical: Loss of mobility, unexplained injuries, fluctuations in weight and dehydration are just some of the symptoms that show your relative is suffering from negligence. Inadequate access to food and water or a lack of care for medical problems could be causes. Serious physical injuries could also result from unsafe environments that aren’t properly addressed by staff.
  • Emotional: Keep a close eye on your beloved one’s actions. If they appear upset, withdrawn or have sudden changes in behavior, it could be due to neglect. Seclusion or abuse from other patients can cause these transformations.
  • Environmental: Unsanitary conditions can lead to serious illness. Check their room to make sure they have clean clothing, bedding and facilities to use. Poor hygiene and bedsores can also be markers of neglect from poor surroundings.

A court could find fault in the care facility you entrusted with this great responsibility for not upholding a certain standard expected of them. Keep an eye on those you hold dear, and be prepared to act if the need arises.