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Every surgery involves a certain amount of risk. Every patient who undergoes surgery understands that surgery is highly complex and unexpected challenges can arise which may cause medical complications.

While patients must be understanding of unavoidable risks, however, they have a right to expect that doctors, nurses and medical staff will take adequate precautions to avoid unnecessary risks. No patient should have to endure serious or fatal injuries due to surgical errors that are avoidable.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a surgical error, you may have a basis to obtain compensation for your injuries. Contact The Helms Law Firm to speak with an experienced surgical malpractice lawyer. We handle a wide range of surgical error claims, including:

  • Operating on the wrong body part
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Leaving instruments and equipment in patients
  • Negligent performance of surgical procedures (e.g., cutting a major artery)
  • Failure to take proper precautions before, during or after surgery
  • Lack of proper communication between medical professionals
  • Other doctor, nurse or medical staff negligence

Surgical errors can occur with any type of surgery. Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of clients who have suffered injury due to a failed gastric bypass procedure. We represent clients who have been injured as a result of a wide range of medical procedures, so we encourage you to contact our firm if you have sustained injuries resulting from a surgical error.

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