Commitment to Community

Jeff Helms and The Helms Law Firm have always been committed to helping their clients. Mr. Helms' reputation in the legal community and the reputation of his law firm throughout Georgia is proof of this commitment.

However, Mr. Helms and the Helms Law Firm's commitment to helping others is not limited to providing legal services. Both Mr. Helms and his law firm work and actively participate to help everyone in the community.

Mr. Helms and his family are longtime members of the Homerville United Methodist Church. Mr. Helms is currently Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Building Committee. While chairman of the Building Committee, the Homerville United Methodist Church successfully undertook a building project of over $1 million. The new facilities are not only for the members of the Church, but are open to and used on a regular basis by many individuals and groups in the community.

Mr. Helms is also active in the Boy Scouts of America. His wife, Cathy Helms, is the Advancement Chair, and Mr. Helms is the Scoutmaster for 12 young Boy Scouts. Mr. Helms' son, Jack, is a Boy Scout at the Life Scout rank. Jack is about to begin work on his Eagle Scout project.

Mr. Helms and his staff at The Helms Law Firm also administer what is known as the Clinch Christian Alliance. This organization administers donations from various churches and individuals in the community. The money used by the Christian Alliance goes to those who are most in need and have fallen through, or have used up, all other safety nets. Mr. Helms and his staff work closely with Charles Rice, another attorney in the Community, the local Department of Family and Children Services, and the non-profit Hope Ministries to identify and help the most needy with food, power bills, medication costs, and other basic needs.

Mr. Helms' commitment to helping others is a driving force in his life; he lives it in his every walk of life.